About B3skin Brand


B3skin 的品牌理念






With more than 15 years of cosmetic medical science and skin clinicians research experience,

B3skin is committed to develop the best quality and most effective golden ratio ingredients

with the focus on Asian's skin type,

through clinical scientific experiments and research supports

to infuse your skin with endless nutrients.

All B3skin products are formulated

by our experienced cosmetic chemists team

with selectively high-quality ingredients

from reputable Australian factories,

and are produced in-house with ISO22716 and GMPC professional standrd factories licensed in Hong Kong.

The ingredients of B3skin products effectively improve and protect your skin,

and are suitable for all Asian skin type,

because in addition to strictly selecting high-quality ingredients,

B3skin also promises to ensure that the products do not contain any harmful ingredients,

including the use of parabens, phthalates,

mineral oil, PEG propylene glycol,

any articial colours or fragrances, talc,

animal-derived or dimethicone ingredients

and other harmful skin allergens.


B3skin also promises that all B3skin products have never, and will not conduct any test on animals.


B3skin 亦承諾,

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B3skin's Signature - 18% Vitamin B3 Golden Ratio Serum


Our signature 18% Vitamin B3 Golden Ratio Serum

contains a high concentration of

18% active vitamin B3, ,combined with panthenol (vitamin B5)

and intercellular lipid ceramides.


This formula is specially designed for Asia women's skin type,

which can rejuvenate the skin,

even out and brighten skin's complexion,

strengthens the skin's moisture barrier.